Documenting the tireless efforts of humanitarian organisations, often in countries where the need is greatest, is work Glen truly believes in.

In this wondrous world we live in, the West has so much while others have so little- and often we simply stand and watch, or even worse – look away. Glen documents these people and places, telling their story, where others haven’t.

The Shopkeepers – India

The Indian Shopkeepers are often referred to as the “heart and soul of the Indian economy”. These shopkeepers and their traditional approach is one of the unique contradictions that is India today. With this series of images I wanted to showcase the people behind the quote and juxtapose ‘modern’ India with how things are done in the west.

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Exceed Prosthetic & Orthotics – Cambodia

I first visited Cambodia in 1996. It is a country that has known such tragedy and bloodshed, yet holds within its borders a true beauty. Back then, the future looked bleak. After decades of conflict, the destruction of the health care system and millions of landmines, some 40,000 Cambodians have been left disabled.

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Mt Ijen Sulphur Mine – Indonesia

The Mount Ijen Sulphur Mine is located in the crater of a volcano on the island of Java in Indonesia. Local miners harvest the “devil’s gold”, as they call it. Some 300 miners make a daily climb three kilometres up the mountain before descending 1500 metres into the volcano where the sulphur crystals form.

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Please Demolish With A Kind Heart – New Zealand

The Christchurch earthquake of 22 February 2011 caused widespread devastation, resulting in the deaths of 185 people, injuring thousands and leaving a city traumatised.

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Smokey Mountain – Philippines

At the northern end of the Manila harbour, is a Dantesque vision from hell, turned postcard-for-global-poverty. Smokey Mountain is a 50-year-old mountain of garbage that locals literally live off. They search through it, burn it, separate it, recycle it, sell it, and even eat some of it.

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